Natural Manicure Service

Our name is Natural Nail Lounge – it’s only to be expected that we would have natural, healthy nail services for you to take advantage of.

When you come to us, you can expect to enjoy clean, relaxing nail treatments. Whether you’re just looking for a polish change or a full tip-to-cuticles manicure or pedicure, the nail services we provide are safe, relaxing, and utterly enjoyable. We use hospital-grade equipment and keep everything scrupulously clean to make sure there is no risk of infection or contamination.

We have all seen people with false nails. False nails do hold polish well, and some women turn to them because they feel that their natural nails break and chip too easily. But at Natural Nail Lounge, we believe there’s a better way – the natural way.

If you want to enjoy safe and natural nails, come to Natural Nail Lounge. We use all natural polish such as Zoya and SpaRitual nail polish to help you achieve a fabulous, luxurious look with your own natural nails. We can provide the natural products you need to help your nails grow long and look great. Rather than progressively weakening your nails with false nails, we’ll help your natural nails grow strong and look great.


Add On

French $5/10
IBX Treatment $10
Ten Minute Massage $15
Organic Scrub $10
Eco-Fin $20

If it is time for you to enjoy our nail services.
We would love to have a look at your nails and help you to achieve long, healthy, beautiful natural nails.
See for yourself why so many in the Syosset area are turning to Natural Nail Lounge for all-natural manicures.
Call us at (516) 677-0055 to schedule your manicure today!