Cleanliness is next to godliness – and our salon provides a little slice of heaven.

At Natural Nail Lounge, proper sanitation is the foundation of our business. We use hospital-grade instruments to make sure that every service is provided in the cleanest, healthiest manner. Our products are organic, and sometimes we only use a piece of equipment once before it is safely disposed of. This eliminates the possibility of contamination or diseases, ensuring that every client gets to enjoy a safe and relaxing experience.

Because of our emphasis on hospital-grade sanitation, our services are ideal for people suffering from the following:

– Fungus
– Infections
– Sensitive skin
– Skin issues or other dermatological concerns

Whether you are coming to our salon because you need the best care for your sensitive skin or you simply want to maintain your health,
we are completely dedicated to taking clean steps.
Feel the difference, and come to Natural Nail Lounge. Call (516) 677-0055 today to set an appointment!